Rest In Peace Colt Brennan

Rest in peace Colt Brennan. Like many others, I am shocked and saddened to hear the news of your passing.

You gave us some of the most exciting moments in UH football and Hawaii sports history. We all remember your heroics on the football field and off the field when you played for the University of Hawaii. We remember your love for Hawaii. And later we came to know and understand that you were as flawed an individual, as you were talented as a football player.

Today I felt compelled to look through an old book about the “perfect season.” This book is a collection of articles, photos, stats and insights from the pages of The Honolulu Advertiser, where I worked years ago during Colt’s incredible run at UH.

Stephen Tsai and the sports department did a helluva job covering that epic perfect season. I’ve always treasured this book. Now, more so than ever.

Colt brought new pride to Hawaii and the University of Hawaii. That era was truly special in so many ways. Thank you Colt Brennan.

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