Love’s Bakery Closing in Hawaii

Loaves of Love's Bakery Bread

Many Hawaii businesses have fallen victim to the economic hardship that the pandemic has brought. The news that Love’s Bakery is closing in Hawaii is the most recent. Of all the local brands, this one hurts the most. As kids we grew up on their bread. As adults, we always assumed our own children would enjoy their products too.

Looking ahead at the remaining brands that we will have to choose from, none of them are what we’d consider a close second. We will have to open ourselves to tasting some unfamiliar products. It will be an adjustment. However, our adjustment will be nothing compared to the adjustments that the current workers at Love’s Bakery will soon be experiencing.

Thank you to the people like the bakers, warehouse personnel, delivery drivers, clerks, admins, etc. who kept Love’s Bakery operating through the years. Wishing everyone currently working all the best. It will surely be a hard transition to lose their jobs. But hopefully with change comes new opportunity for everyone.

Mahalo nui loa!

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