Roll Out of COVID Vaccines in Hawaii

I got vaccinated sticker for COVID

In January, the State Department of Health issued a press release announcing its plan to roll out the COVID vaccine to the Hawaii public. The plan is to make the vaccine available in two major phases. The first phase has various groups of people deemed as the first priority. This phase includes healthcare workers, frontline workers, adults 75 years or older, or adults 65-74 / 16-64 who are at high risk. Phase two will cover the rest of the population and is projected to begin in early summer. I qualify as an essential worker under phase 1b. So I made …

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Love’s Bakery Closing in Hawaii

Loaves of Love's Bakery Bread

Many Hawaii businesses have fallen victim to the economic hardship that the pandemic has brought. The news that Love’s Bakery is closing in Hawaii is the most recent. Of all the local brands, this one hurts the most. As kids we grew up on their bread. As adults, we always assumed our own children would enjoy their products too. Looking ahead at the remaining brands that we will have to choose from, none of them are what we’d consider a close second. We will have to open ourselves to tasting some unfamiliar products. It will be an adjustment. However, our …

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