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Hawaii IRL

I just recently launched Dad Man Blogging, and now to further expand the canvas of my creative outlet I am also contributing to another blog site, Hawaii IRL (In Real Life). Hawaii IRL is a Hawaii lifestyle blog that’s been around for 10 years and has an established base of loyal followers. The local contributors there each bring their unique perspectives and talents to weave into the fabric of that blog.

Last month the brand itself went through an update with a new logo, a fresh color scheme and some new under the hood upgrades. I like the new image and I think it’s more in line with the spirit in which the blog was intended. The logo has a lot of deep symbolism behind what you see.

At first I debated using “Dad Man Blogging” also as my category name on Hawaii IRL. Ultimately I decided that it was best to go with a different name. Among other reasons I figured that my content there will not always be the same as what I would post on this blog. So this week I debuted my first posted on Hawaii IRL under the category name “Dad Life Hawaii.” Incidentally, Dad Life Hawaii was one of the possible names I was considering for this blog before settling on Dad Man Blogging.

For my first piece I decided to reboot my “Spare for Change, Growing the Game of Golf” article. I wanted to tweak that story to incorporate a deeper message that I took away from my encounter with the Maui non-profit. So with just a little more time behind the keyboard, I was able to accomplish my goal as I posted “Spare for Change, Pays it Forward” on Hawaii IRL.

If you get a chance to read this rebooted piece, please let me know what you think in the comments.


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