To TradeUp or Not to Upgrade

GoPro Hero 7 Black

Popular tech gear today typically comes with the expectation that every year an updated model could be released. Such gear is like the GoPro action cameras. Seemingly every year new models for these are released with improved features to entice me to upgrade. These updates are great for the manufacturer and good for innovation. So recently I found myself asking the following question. To “TradeUp”, or not to upgrade? Put another way, “do I really need it?”

Whenever there’s a special offer like the recent TradeUp deal for the GoPro Hero 7, it’s worth considering. Especially if you’re loyal to the brand and the value is there for you. There are people out there who must have the newest model and the latest features. Others are content (aka not made of money) with sticking with what they have until they have no choice but to update. I fall into the latter group. Don’t get me wrong. I love my gear as much as the next person. But unless it’s a significant shift in basic functionality, I usually try to get the most out of my tech before moving on.

Case in point with my GoPro camera. I’ve been a loyal GoPro owner from when the first Hero model came out. Up until recently the latest GoPro I owned was the Hero 3+ which I had for about four to five years. I had mainly used it for outdoor activities like snowboarding, hiking, water activities and family outings.

Last month I decided to take advantage of GoPro’s “TradeUp” offer on their website. They are probably trying to sell as many of this model as they can before the next model is due out. The offer stated that GoPro would accept ANY digital camera trade up (camera trading in has to have an MSRP of at least $100 or more), and they will knock $100 off the purchase of a brand new Hero 7 Black or Silver model.

Watch his video about the GoPro TradeUp and see my Hero 7 Black unboxing reactions.

So after four generations had passed it was a no brainer to upgrade my GoPro. Going from the Hero 3+ to Hero 7 was a quantum leap forward in technology. In addition to the deal itself, the Hero 7 Black’s new “HyperSmooth” feature was a significant factor in my decision. The gimbal-like smoothness for on-the-move footage is, of course, great for sports and recording my son running around. But more than ever, with the right setup, I can now use the camera in other more practical situations. Such situations include various work projects, vlogging, and capturing creative digital content for social media.

Incidentally for anyone interested, as I write this article the TradeUp offer on the GoPro website is still active. I’m not saying that the trade-up deal or the GoPro Hero 7 is for everyone. But if you need an upgrade or if you are in the market for an action camera, this may be of interest to you.

So where do you fall when it comes to upgrading? Are you a frequent upgrader? Or are you someone who likes to run your gear into the ground before purchasing the latest and greatest model? Let me know what you think!

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