Rode Wireless Go Lives Up to the Hype

Rode Wireless Go

The Rode Wireless Go lives up to the hype! I did an unboxing video in June on my YouTube channel, Dad Man Vlogging. So after using it for few months, I’m happy to report that I love this mic system. 

The Rode Wireless Go is an ultra-compact wireless mic that delivers broadcast quality sound at a great value. It holds a charge for several hours of use and has a range of about 230 feet. This is a grab-and-go system that you can just toss into your camera bag. It’s also so small that you can easily carry in your pants pocket like a wallet.

This wireless mic set is great for professional and amateur use. Ideal projects and users include: Family videos, interviews, vlogging, general videography, foley artists and anyone who needs great sound (without the extra baggage). This system will work with your DSLR, mirrorless cameras, GoPro and smartphone. But be sure to check compatibility before you buy so you know what you’re in for. As an example the GoPro doesn’t come with an onboard 3.5mm input, which the Rode Wireless Go requires.

My Setup

I primarily use my mic with my GoPro Hero 7 Black for family videos and vlogging. But as I mentioned above, the GoPro doesn’t have the required input. So a couple more accessories are needed to make this combination work. First, you need to buy a special mic adapter to use the Rode Wireless Go with the Hero 7. The adapter seems to always be “sold out” on the GoPro website. But it’s definitely worth the wait and the price to improve the sound quality. The other accessory you will want to get is a housing case for the GoPro. It should have a cold shoe on top for the Rode Wireless Go mic receiver. There should also be a slot below to neatly hold the mic adapter in place. The housing I use is the ULANZI V2 housing. This combination of gear makes for a great vlogging setup.

My GoPro Hero 7 Black setup with Rode Wireless Go.
My GoPro Hero 7 Black setup with Rode Wireless Go.

Rode Wireless Go

GoPro Mic Adapter


Read about how I finally upgraded to the Hero 7, “To Trade Up, Or Not Upgrade.” I took advantage of the GoPro Trade Up offer to get a discount on my Hero 7 Black.

Let me know how you like your Rode Wireless Go. What’s your setup like and what kind of videos or projects do you use yours for?

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