The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime

Hawaii mail-in ballot return envelope

It’s election day and the country sits on pins and needles. 2020 is easily the most important election of our lifetime. The experts are all saying that a winner may or may not be declared tonight if the race is close. So far as I write this, it’s still close.

Over the last few weeks, the race for the presidency between Donald Trump and Joe Biden really heated up. Both parties blitzed multiple key battleground states till the very end.

To say this election has a lot riding on it is an understatement.

Early voting and mail-in ballots, from places that allowed it, have shattered all previous records. I mailed in my ballot the day I received it in the mail. Last night it was reported that the 2020 early votes totaled approximately 100,000,000. This is incredible when you compare that number to 2016, where the total votes tallied were 138 million.

No matter which horse you are rooting for, waiting for the results can be both exciting and nerve racking. Everyone I know, on both sides of this election are anxious. Not only is this the most important election in our lifetime, it’s probably the most significant in the modern era.

At the end of the day, let’s remember that we are all Americans. Regardless of who our president is, we as citizens can do our part as individuals to help make the next four years better than the last.

Let’s all be better for each other.

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