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Aloha and welcome to dadmanblogging.com! This site is meant to be a resource for family fun and a creative outlet for yours truly. It will be a work in progress for a while. I meant to launch this blog 4 years ago when my son was first born. At that time there weren’t a lot of blogs done from a “dad’s” point of view (at least that I knew of). But due the demands of my career at that time and the new “doodies” of being first time parents (see what I did there, LOL)… I never had a chance to get the idea off the ground.

Fast forward to today, a few things have changed giving me a different perspective on the project. First, I’ve changed the direction in my career. The change allowed me to be more present for the early stages of my son’s development. Second, my wife and I now have a few years under our belts as a parents. This allows me to write with more depth and experience as a dad. Third, as my son continues to grows older each year, my appreciation for my own parents continues to grow. As a matter of fact, my respect for all parents continues to grow as I discover how the challenges of parenthood continues to evolve.

So before any more time passes I decided to just do it already and launch this blog. Better late than never right? But I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a super parent, I’m not a child guru or someone who has all the answers. Far from it. I’m just a dad and my wife a mom, doing the best we can. I believe that every situation is different for everyone. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to be a good parent. Everyone has to figure out what works best for them.

In the same way that parents come together and share to support one another, I hope to do the same with this blog. I hope to be another voice in the community to be a resource for dads, moms, guardians and everyone who enjoys family fun.

The kind of content that one can expect from this blog includes family related articles and videos, things to do, ideas for fun projects, kid friendly restaurants, and sharing stories and unique experiences of others families. Everyone is invited to subscribe to my vlog channel on YouTube called Dad Man Vlogging. I have some fun video projects planned for the near future. So please come back and visit Dad Man Blogging, subscribe to the newsletter, follow on social media and be sure to like, comment, and share!

Finally, much thanks and credit goes to my wife. It is because of her that I have reason to write this blog. It is with her that I have these experiences to share with others.


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